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Tap Warp is a simple, easy-to-use app for uploading pictures to websites.

It helps you accelerate picture uploading, since with Tap Warp you no longer need to move pictures to computers, select them, and then upload them. Tap Warp give you a one-stop solution. You take photos and then directly upload them to a website by simply scanning a QR code.

Just download the app from App Store or Google Play, and have a try.

Screenshots in the follow simple guide show an android screen, but the most of the screens should show identically for iOS devices.

Opening the app the first time, you will see an empty screen like the following one.

It is recommended that you also open this page though another device, so that you can scan QR code below.

Just tap the "camera" icon, which is encircled in red, to take some photos. If you decided that you have taken enough photos, just cancel the camera. Your screen will look something like the following one.

Then tap the "send" icon, which is to the left of the camera icon, scan the following qr-code, you photos will be uploaded.

Or, if you have an smartphone (Android or iPhone), you can click the following button directly. You need Tap Warp 1.3.0 or above to use direct link.

Link for Android:
Link for iPhone:
How to build:
Android Format: intent://;package=net.qaon.tapwarp
iPhone Format:
Here, the "targetCode" is a modified base64 encoding of a JSON string. Content of the JSON string is described in The Target Info API. For example, you want to encode the following JSON code.
    "realm":"Tap Warp Demo",
Simply encoding the JSON with standard base64 encoding function will be OK. And optionally, you can replace "+", "/", "=" with ".", "_", "-" respectiively.

Or, if you receive a code by text, such as email, you can copy and paste a code like the following into Tap Warp app.

Put a finger on the send picture button, you will see a clipboard icon appearing. Then move your finger on to the clipboard icon and release touch. A dialog will appear, so that you can paste codes.

If you see something different, please do not worry, try to have a look at the menu, which can be triggered though the short stripes at upper right corner of the screen.

All applications that implements the Tap Warp API can support the Tap Warp app. Tap Warp is not limited to any specific sites.

Please see the API docs for implementations.