The Post Picture API 1.0

Version: 1.0.4

Installation Place

Client Server

Base Protocol


Function Summary

Send a picture to a client server.

This API will be repeatedly called once for each picture, and one additional time for finish and additional info.

API Entry

A URL that is retrieved from an external link source, by The Target Info API 1.0.

Transfer Encoding


Request Format


Request Encoding


Response Format


Response Encoding


Input Parameter

Property Type Description Prerequisite Example
uaName string Name of the user agent. Currently "TapWarp" None TapWarp
uaVersion string A dot-separated version number of current user-agent. None 1.0.0
uaLanguage string An LCID string, which is an ISO 639-1 language code followed by an optional ISO 3166 country code. If the country code is available, it connects to the language code by a hyphen. For the very details, see None en-US
authKey string(64..128) A server provided authentication key that validates the request. It can only consist of alphanumeric ascii characters. None WEIFOCM3843tFE893er89truie
ordinal integer An integer number that describe the relative position of the picture in the batch. As images are sent in batch, knowing its ordinal number may be helpful. It starts from 1.
If this field is -1, it signifies end of the batch. "data" field of current request should not be used. "userData" field may contain user supplied data.
None 3
total integer Total number of images being sent in current batch. None 10
format string(2..10) MIME type of the image. None image/jpeg
message string Text message that the user wrote for the picture. Since 1.0.4. Require TapWarp >= 1.5.0 None "Taken from backyard."
data string Base64 encoded raw image file data.
However, since TapWarp 1.7, if format is "video/...", data should be ignored.
fileKey string Optional. A random key that is used to identify a video file uploaded through The Post File API 1.0. None
clientData Any Data got from the external link source. It will be sent to the client intact. None { stockId: ... }
userData Any Data that is collected by the user agent on behalf of the user.
Available only of "ordinal" is -1.
None { newPrice: ... }

Output Parameter

Property Type Description Prerequisite Example
result string Whether the result is successful.
"OK": succeeded.
"NG": failed.
None OK
message string An optional message that describes the result. It is intended for human reading. None Successfully Stored